Welcome to this new section of the website, it will simply be a place where you can get a bit closer to what goes on here at City Wall Records including the chance to get more personal with some of the artists who release on the label.

So we'll start this journey with Soul Alt Delete, who has just released the incredible ENCOUNTER EP. Label founder Ross Harper got together with Will (Soul Alt Delete) and asked him a few questions...


Ross: What inspired the tracks on Encounter?

Will: Yeah so the tracks by their name I’d imagine listeners would interpret the titles as fairly sexual or of a suggestive nature at best. I like to capture the essence of my experiences in all of my work, so I’d definitely say this album is inspired by the many loving, passionate and incredibly naughty women I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. 

Ross: Yeah, I get it, there is no doubt with the liberal Berlin scene and the flamboyant Ibiza scene, not to mention Vegas, techno has definitely become more and more “sexy” over the years, on that note I hear you have a soft spot for Ibiza, can you tell us why? And have you got any good stories you are allowed to share?

Will: I believe everyone should have a place in the world they feel to be their alternative point of origin. For me this is Ibiza, it’s certainly my home away from home. I’ve only been twice so far, but I plan on moving out or at very least having a villa retreat there when that option is financially viable. The Dalt Vila area is a very special place to me, it’s an artist’s dream. Primarily if you look into the history, Ibiza is where the creatives and artists sought refuge during the Spanish civil war, and there’s many nods to that part of its history hidden throughout the port. I recall being out one night, far from any of the booming super clubs, walking up the great hill leading to the Castella which overlooks the bay. On this journey with no destination, I recall getting completely lost in the nooks, crannies and veering narrow alleys that make up the charming Old Town. 

To someone from the middle of England where the sun rarely shines, and surrounded by a national park known for its English character, the exoticism and complete culture shock really draws me in and excites me. 

Looking out over the blue sea, drinking a cold Spanish beer, on a sun kissed balcony is probably about as simplistic as my love for the island could be expressed as. But the island’s, hilly, Balearic landscape, array of animals that frequent the towns and forests, and the welcoming and interesting locals who are lucky enough to live there, make a location that is truly freeing and unforgettable. 

Ross: Wow, you’ve captured the wonder of the white isle right there, and I know also you are a fan of modern art, tell us a bit more about this and your travels?

Will: My earliest memory was my parents taking us to the Picasso Museum whilst on holiday in Barcelona, where I initially experienced abstract and surreal art. Before then I had only really seen the landscape and portrait art at Chatsworth House, which is pleasant, but lacked the weirdness I enjoy so much in the art I like now. 

I’ve been lucky enough to travel and explore some of the worlds greatest museums and collections, including the Guggenheim in New York and Bilbao, the MOMA in NY, the Botero museum in Bogotá, the Museo Art Contemporáneo in Ibiza, the Reina Sofia in Madrid and Rembrandt House in Amsterdam. 

Ross: Ah, this sounds so cool, what is it about modern art and architecture that interests you?

Will: I think a museum’s collection speaks volumes about an area’s taste, culture and history, which makes it an excellent insight into  a city or town. 

I particularly enjoy modern art, specifically surrealism and abstract,  it’s an exploration of different interpretations of what is real, or how imprisoning ‘normal’ is, both in its nature and how it limits what art, and maybe an outlook on existence can be. 

Ross: And do you see any link between art and your music?

Will: Yeah certainly, the kind of music I make is all about exploring music. I’d say commercial music or pop is the traditional paintings, and the experimental techno I make is the more abstract side of things. 

I think like with any artistic project, you’re exploring and seeing where you can take an idea or what different combinations can create along the way. The main thing to compare, is the rejection of having a final outcome that is planned or expected, and embracing the experimentation throughout the process, and inclusion of non-conventional sounds or methods. 

Ross: Interesting concepts, and so what’s next on the musical agenda for Soul Alt Delete?

Will: As far as next steps it’s all based around releases with various labels, and organising my own event series. I already run a weekly mix series I’d love to build into a live events company and ultimately a music label, similar to Nicole Moudaber’s ‘MOOD’ concept. 

Currently the state of affairs means I couldn’t start an event if I wanted to given that all clubs are closed down, but I’ve some friends and investors very excited about launching this once the lockdown has cleared up. 

Ross: High ambitions, you’ve mentioned Nicole Moudaber a few times, who or what are your main musical influences and why?

Will: I think overall I’ve a very diverse musical taste, so in a day I can listen to techno and house, through to jazz and Latin, it’s good to keep things varied, too much of one thing becomes boring. As for my productions and what directly influences them, I’d have to point out Dubfire, Victor Calderone, Nicole Moudaber, Matador and Richie Hawtin as the most prominent shapers of my taste and ideas. 

Their style is what techno should be, minimal, explorative and hypnotic. Nowadays a lot of techno is either very boring and uncreative, or musically overcrowded. By that I mean people are putting sounds into a track that don’t need to be there, for the sake of having a ‘complex’ track. This music doesn’t need to be intricate necessarily, you usually find the best stuff is incredibly simple in its make up. That’s really the foundation that my style and ideas stem from. 

Ross: And can you share anything about other projects you have in the pipeline?

Will: Yeah so I’ve recently been working with an artist called Lean As Troy, who I’d gotten in contact with through him interacting with an Instagram post of mine. I’d put out a clip of the track I’m releasing with City Wall, and he’d liked that post so I messaged him just saying how much I enjoyed his music, and he offered to have me do a 3 track EP with his Potti Records label. I think for me it’s a really big step to be taken seriously by that tier of artist, as you may know Lean has had releases with two labels I really admire, Kneaded Pains, and LW Recordings. 

As well as this I’m also finalising a project with an extremely talented vocalist which I’m planning on pitching to, and releasing with Spinnin Deep or Armada. Alongside my techno productions, I love the deep house sound that you’d associate with Maya Jane Coles. Growing up I listened to a lot of her work and it’s important to have a varying portfolio of styles, it gives you real dynamism as an artist and producer. So that’s a project I’m very excited about launching.