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City Wall Records is based in Brighton (UK) and was founded by Ross Harper in 2008 after he graduated with a First Class degree in Music Production. Ross actually grew up in London and as a teenager was a regular figure in the 90s London rave, club and party scene. Ross was there at the birth of it all dancing with the founding fathers of the house and techno scene, DJs such as Marshall Jefferson, Carl Cox and Laurent Garnier, as well as live acts such as The Prodigy and Orbital. So by the end of the century Ross had a deep hunger to get under the skin of electronic music production.

Ross channelled this passion into 5 years of studying music production. After finishing his studies Ross was getting offers from labels to release the music he was producing but he had seen first hand how even well established independent labels were regular just “disappearing” and Ross did not want his own music to get stuck in some legal black hole. Fortuitously just around the time of his graduation saw the rise of the digital download revolution. Ross took the bull by the horns, secured a rock solid distribution contract and started City Wall Records with the intention of creating a label founded on the simple principles of releasing electronic music that has individual depth and character. 

There is no specific music policy, Ross had also witnessed how some labels had become obsessed with a specific sub genres, often following a particular fad, which then went out of fashion, and the label would disappear, so City Wall has always had an “our house is open” policy that covers a diverse range of genres. The label is focussed on artist development, treating creators as individuals and very much a “less is more” philosophy.